The Top Supreme X The North Face Collaborations

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Supreme x The North Face Jacket

The Top 10 Supreme x The North Face Collaborations

Every year, streetwear giant Supreme and outwear legends The North Face team up for a collaboration that Supreme fans have come to love. Every year a new set of audacious jackets grace the look-book, and the hype never dies. We included only the best Supreme X the North Face jackets. All of these Supreme X the North Face jackets below are “holy grails”, the best of the best. With that being said – here are the 10 best Supreme x North Face jackets.


10 (tied). FW10 Supreme x The North Face Jacket

2010s’ collaboration brought us a trio of waxed jackets that are nothing special when it comes to colour. But, the reason these pieces are on this list is because of the material. A Lot of the time the Supreme x The North Face jackets don’t always focus on actually being a good jacket and instead focus on the aesthetics. But this seasons outerwear was actually made of high quality, water resistant, waxed cotton. That’s the exact same material that Barbous legendary hunting jackets are made of – no expenses spared. Now, as earlier mentioned, the colours that were chosen were nothing special, but, that being said, each of the colours were very easy to style – and the black jacket stands out for subtle branding and a consistent colour. That’s why the black is often thought to be the best of the trio.


10 (tied).  SS17 – the Ronald McDonaldSupreme x The North Face Jacket

As soon as last years offering debuted, many were quick to nickname the yellow colour way as the ‘Ronald McDonald Special’ – yet it still sold out insanely fast. Although the resale value is nowhere near as high as some of the others on the list, you have to commend Supreme for moving towards a brighter palette. The decorative patches and bright colours are a leap away from earlier collaborations, and the hits of colour work well. The purple and black patches, the hits of red are a good blend of colours that make this one of the brighter jackets Supreme and North Face have released.  


9. FW17 – Mountain JacketSupreme The North Face jacket

2017 wasn’t such a bad year after all for Supreme releases. The two brands long standing history of collaborations continues to grow, and it’s clear as the sky on this special edition jacket. Feel like hitting the slopes? Well now you can – for $1,100 right now on StockX. Supreme is always a hot ticket item, and they continue to make moves and collaborate with some of the top designers in the fashion industry.A notable feature of this drop which hasn’t been featured prominently in some time is the inclusion of the OG box logo in classic red as found on the crewneck sweaters, tees and hats. 


8. SS14 – Expedition World MapSupreme x The North Face Jacket

SS14’s offering will go down as special for many reasons. Insane patterns, and being able to change the jacket into a coach jacket are just some of the reasons behind this jacket being a grail for most Supreme collectors. The jacket sports a map of the world, as well as a classic spellout down the arm. This collaboration was a bit different due to the loud branding, instead of the collaborations classic patch down the arm. Supreme collectors loved this piece, its versatility, colours and branding all make it a great jacket thats a grail to most. This Supreme X the North Face jacket is very rare.


7. FW11 LeopardSupreme x The North Face Jacket

Supremes 2011 collaboration with the North Face brought us one of the most well regarded jackets Supreme has produced. These Nuptse puffer jackets came in three colourways, all striking leopard print. These colours included gold, green and grey. The jackets were filled with 700-fill goose down and sported water resistant nylon shells, resulting in a ridiculously comfy jacket, that also has that stand out factor. All of this is what means these jackets fetch a very hefty price from Supreme collectors – as well as being a statement piece in anyone’s wardrobe.


6. SS13 3mSupreme x The North Face Jacket

SS13’s release included a something we all know and love, 3M. The brunt of the jacket is 3M, with the red on this colourway really standing out. This was a relatively new idea, as no other Supreme x the North Face jacket had been predominantly made out of 3M. Now, the brand has since used the reflective material in many more outerwear pieces, but this loud and bright jacket has Supreme written all over it. This loud colourway is what makes it such a great design, and what gives it the rather high price tag.


5. FW07 First CollabSupreme x The North Face Jacket

This was first collaboration Supreme did with the North Face, and what a start it was. Bright colours mixed with earth tones created this excellent jacket that was reminiscent of 90’s outerwear. The colour blocking is immense, with the contrast of the tones really making this piece stand out. The loud branding down the arm was something Supreme reworked for the FW14 jacket earlier in the list. The orange logo pops against the purple background – its very hard to find a design flaw in this jacket, hence why this has earned grail status among fans of both Supreme and the North Face.


4. SS11 CheckerboardSupreme x The North Face Jacket

Supremes SS11 offering was one for the history books. Checkerboard, something that Supreme has always been a fan of, from the Vans collaboration to the more recent Hanes blanks. But – it doesn’t end there. The team behind it picked an audacious yellow that compliments the checkerboard style, and there’s a kangaroo pouch! The black logo stands out against two of the three colour-ways (Yellow and Red) giving a tiny little hit of a monochrome colour. Truly an excellent Supreme x the North Face jacket.


3. FW14 BandanaSupreme x The North Face Jacket

FW14 tried something new – and they pulled it off. The swirling centre pattern means this ‘bandana’ style pattern works – and brilliantly at that. This piece commands a hefty price tag of around $4000 depending on size, due to its status as one of the best Supreme jackets of all time. Normally monochrome gets a bit boring but with this, almost intoxicating, pattern really makes it interesting. This, combined with Supremes exclusivity, made a perfect storm – leading to this becoming one of the best and most sought after Supreme jackets.


2. FW15 By Any Means NecessarySupreme x The North Face Jacket

This is one of Supremes most iconic motifs. ‘By Any Means Necessary’, Malcolm X’s slogan, emblazoned across a the North Face jacket in the classic Futura font from SS07’s ‘Illegal Business Controls America’. This jacket is the stuff of any Supreme fans dreams. The bold, white text means it stands out on any of the three colour-ways. But the monochrome colour-way is definitely the boldest – any easiest to style. This has to be one of Supremes most iconic pieces.  Get your hands on this jacket, by any means necessary. 


1. SS08 Day and NightSupreme x The North Face Jacket

SS08 brought us the best jacket in Supreme history. The ‘Day and Night’ set showed a cityscape (New York’s Public Library) during the day and night – hence the name. The loud branding down the side, and the rarity of this piece make it one of the most elusive and hyped pieces in Supreme jacket history. The vibrant colours of the ‘Day’ jacket and the loud branding down the arm couple together and make one hell of a jacket. This all means that when it comes up on the market, which it rarely does, it fetches an insane amount of money.  Shoutout to Kid Cudi.

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