How Do You Keep Ripped Jeans From Ripping Further?

by StyleStreet

It is not easy to pull off ripped jeans You may be able to make them look cool when you stand in front of the mirror getting dressed in the morning. You could make the look work when the jeans are the only distressed part of your outfit. Through the day, though, you will get a little sweaty, mess up your hair, wear off your makeup or wrinkle up your shirt. Rd together with the ripped-up jeans these are likely to make you look a complete mess.

Ripped jeans can be even harder to pull off when you have had them awhile. Sometimes, all it takes is one wash in the machine to tum cool lips to something that would look at home on a hobo.

Your first step: make sure that you don’t buy extreme rips.

It can be hard to keep jeans for more than a few weeks when they show extreme wear right on the shelf at the store. It is usually a good idea, instead, to buy jeans that have rips where you want them, but that are smaller than you would like. They will last you longer.

Put in ripstops

When you first start to wear a pair of pre-distressed jeans, you can expect at some point after a couple of washes to see the tears get to the exact level that you like. When you see them that way, you want to put in ripstops of some kind — something that will keep the rips from getting any bigger. The traditional way to do it has always been to put in stitches on each end of each rip. Such work with needle and thread can be hard work, though Luckily, you have a choice — putting in adhesive patches on the inside.

Iron-on patches work very well

Iron-on clothing patches are available everywhere. They come with adhesive backing. To make these patches work as ripstops, you only need to ad out small pieces, place them on either end of each rip that you would like to deal with, and iron them on (a hair straightener works too if you don’t have an iron).

The hick only takes minutes to try, and the patches should keep the ripsfrom widening. In the end, you should have nothing stopping you from keeping your pre-distressed jeans from lasting as long as you want.

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