What Happens When HypeBeast Goes Too Far?

by StyleStreet
p diddy puff daddy supreme hype beast
1. Sneakerheads who only rock hyped up shit to get props b/c they got no self worth or sense of style.
2. 50% of NikeTalk members

Example: Yo, check out my matching supreme cap, bape hoody, bape jeans, and bape kicks. 

Ahh, the age old hypebeast. Such a fascinating subject to talk about because inside of all of us there was once a hypebeast lingering. We all went through the Etnies, Vans, or even Nike Air Max phase. Some of us grew out of it, and others.. well let’s just say the hypebeast inside of them still has full control.

Matty B Raps Style Hypebeast

First up we have @MattyBRaps straight from Beverly Hills mowing the grass in some Louboutins. Not really Hypebeast in particular but we felt that someone with such a huge influence on preteen girls should have his time in the spotlight.

Supreme Hypebeast Headband

Next up we have this lady killer selling his “custom” Supreme Headband for an affordable price of 70$ (as far as affordable and supreme goes). He actually cut it out of a pair of briefs and decided to let his scissors work the magic on these bad boys. Would we buy them? F**k No, but we love the hypebeast spirit.

Off White bad style

Just because you can afford Off-White doesn’t mean you should buy it. Example A, Whose Mans Is This?

Designer Thrasher

This goes for “Designers” too, don’t just blatantly steal an iconic look that dates back to the 1980s.. Charging $295 for this american eagle looking Sh*t, Hypebeasts for ya..

Anti Hentai Hentai Club ANti Social Social Club

Anti Don’t Don’t Club. To be fair we think the guy owning this shirt is trolling. There is still a fine line when it comes to Hypebeast brands like Anti Social Social Club (yes we want your camo camo hoodie for $88).

Yeezy hypebeast

I think if my grandad was still alive (god rest his soul) he still wouldn’t wear these K-Mart shoes. We’re still in the July phase, as in we would be completely fine if these shoes still didn’t exist.

Lil Uzi Vert old grandma

Lil Uzi Vert? You too? Say it ain’t so. Sadly Lil Uzi looking like bubble yum duck out here and you Hypebeasts are still buying $200 tickets to see him dress up like a grandma who is going through a punk phase. In all seriousness StyleStreet loves your music Uzi, maybe not your fashion sense though..

Robin Williams Bape Hypebeast

Last but not least the GOAT Robin Williams. TBH Robin was on top of every game (acting and fashion) and we think Bape looks good on him. RIP to one of the most influential Hypebeast legends.

Let us know what you Hypebeasts think in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag @stylestreetco on Instagram with your hypebeast looks!

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