Fashion Blog Income Report For The First Two Quarters Of 2019

by StyleStreet

In the last two years I have took a big interest in fashion. I have been buying better fitting clothing and trying to develop a consistent personal style. With my increased interest in fashion, I considered starting a fashion blog or Youtube channel, but I was a little hesitant to start one from scratch.

Since I did not want to start a blog from scratch I decided to buy one. After a few weeks of search for a fashion blog to buy, I saw a guy selling one that was getting about 200 visitors a day, making about $50 a month and had an instagram account with 16,000 followers. I ended up purchasing the blog for $1,650. Some might say I overpaid, blogs that make $50 a month usually sell for about $600 to $1000. The biggest reason I paid that price was because I thought I could double or triple the sites revenue in a few months.

My initial plans for improving this blog and how those plans worked out

Change the theme- The previous theme for this blog was terrible. First of all, it It was not well optimized for mobile. Second of all the header area was very large, so the content was pushed down to the middle of the page. I figured if I could get a theme that looked better on mobile, reduced the size of the header area and had better sections for ad placement the blog would perform better. Not just financially, but also keeping people on the site longer.

The new theme makes the site look more professional, however it has not helped decreased the bounce rate or increase the blogs income.

Collect push subscribers– Building an email list is important for every website. Since I did not have a lead magnet, I decided to hold off on building an email list and build a list of push traffic subscribers. With the blog getting 200 visitors a day I thought it would be easy to get 10-20 push subscribers everyday.

I signed up for a push traffic company that charged $29 a month. I had the push notification service on my website for a month and I only had 3 people sign up for push notifications. I cancelled the service after one month as I expected more people to sign up.

Try Google Adsense ads & affiliate links– The previous user was only using to monetize the website. turns certain words into links that go to online retailers. When people clicked a link and purchased something from one of those retailers I would get a commission. I figured Adsense ads and affiliate links to Foot Locker, Eastbay, Rageon and a few other retailers could make much more than

My experiment with Google Adsense was short lived. After having it on my website for a few days and making just 40 cents from one click I removed it. I may try Adsense again in the future if I can find a better way to incorporate it into my blog posts.

After owning the blog for a few months, I removed from my website and bought a plugin that allows me to automatically link certain words to an external link. Words like Nike, Adidas, eBay, Reebok, Jordan, jeans and a few other words link to sites like Stockx, Pacsun, eBay, and a few other merchants. Although I get several dozen clicks each days to those links only Stockx and eBay have made any money and not a lot of it.

Start a Youtube channel– I planned to start a Youtube channel. I bought equipment and even shot a few videos, but I never started the channel and uploaded anything. The biggest thing that stopped me was competition. So many people have fashion Youtube channels it seemed like a waste of time for me to start one too.

Post to Instagram more often– The previous user was not using the Instagram account, so I felt if I could use it more frequently I could drive traffic to this blog. Once I started posting I quickly realized the followers are not engaged with the fashion or sneaker industry. I also noticed my subscribers decrease more and more each month. Basically the account is useless.

Post blog post more frequently– I have owned this blog for 6 months and this will be my 6th blog post. I have not dedicated much time to keeping the blog updated.

Have a contest- I tried to have a foot locker gift card contest on instagram. All people had to do to enter was comment on the post, like the post, and tag three friends. Not one person entered the contest, more proof of how useless my Instagram followers are.

So how much did I make after all these changes

In the 6 months I have owned this blog I have made $67.89. Many of my plans for growing the blogs traffic and income have failed miserably. Even though this blog is not performing as well as I like, it still has potential. Here are somethings I plan to work on as I move towards the second half of the year.

I will post at least 4 times a month. Hopefully some new content will help increase the traffic.

I will start a Youtube channel and use it to drive traffic back to this blog.

I will build an email list via a lead magnet or a contest. I hope to have 1,000 email subscribers by the end of the year.

If I work hard on those three things, my next income report should be much better than this one.

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