Best All White Sneakers For Men

by StyleStreet

When building your wardrobe, the word that should stay on your mind is versatility. I think wardrobe versatility starts with plain white shoes. You can wear plain white shoes with anything. You can wear them with light jeans, dark jeans, chinos, shorts, light shirt or dark shirts. Basically, if you have a pair of white shoes, you can wear anything that is in you closet. Below are my favorite all white shoes.

Best All White Mid/High Top Sneakers

Air Force 1 Mid– The Air Force 1 mid is a classic shoe that will never go out of style. It has a thick sole and they hold up great even if you wear them a lot.

The mid top version comes with a strap that adds a little thickness at the top of the shoe. I also think they are a shoe that looks a little wide on the feet. So make sure you try these on at the store to make sure they look good on you.

I think tapered 100% cotton jeans and chinos look great with these shoes. Due to the thickness at the top and the wider look of the shoe, it is not something you should wear with skinny jeans. Expect to pay around $95 for these.

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Vans SK8 High- These are skateboarding shoes, but you don’t have to be a skateboarder to wear them. They are a lighter shoe with a thin sole. Unlike the Air Force 1 Mid they don’t make your feet look wide.

The vans symbol on the back ads a nice touch to the shoe. If you are big into skinny jeans or jeans with spandex these shoes are a great complement. Also a great fit with 100% cotton jeans and chinos.

Also note that they have 3 different all white styles. They have a canvas version that has a high toe area. They have a leather and white version with a flat toe area. They also have a leather version with a higher toe area. Expect to pay around $70 for these.

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Best All White Low Top Sneakers

Air Force 1 Low– Much like the Mid top version these are a classic.. These are so versatile that people even wear them with suits. These give your foot a wider look, so make sure you try them on at the store to make sure they look good on your feet. Expect to pay about $90 for these.

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Adidas Stan Smith- These were introduced in 1971  for tennis players, but you don’t have to be a tennis player to like these. Even though they are popular, they don’t stand out as much as the Air Force One, so you can feel a little more unique when you rock these.

This is a flatter shoe so it probably is best for guys with a smaller foot. Expect to spend around $75.

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K-Swiss Men’s Court Pro II Fashion Sneaker– This is probably the one plain white shoe I have wanted the most in my life that I have never owned. Due to how the shoes are sized, a 14 is too big for me and a 13 is too small. With no half sizes, they are not an option for me. Hopefully, these will fit better for you if you decide to try them.

These are a great option for people that don’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes right now. Expect to pay about $55 for these.

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Vans Old Skool- These are sold in a leather variation and a canvas variation. This is a light shoe with a thin sole that can be worn with skinny jeans and 100% cotton jeans as well as chinos and shorts.

They are low priced at $60. Even though they are all white, the jazz strip and the Vans off the wall symbol on the back adds a touch of flair.

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Reebok Classic Leather- Another classic that has been around and never seems to go out of style. I actually had a paid of these in high school. These look like more of a running shoe so they go best with jeans, tees and polos. Chinos and more dressy clothing might not look great with these shoes. 

Even though the shoe is all white, the thick sole and the stitching gives it a touch of flair. Expect to pay around $75 for a pair.

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If you want to stand out I would suggest skipping the Air Force Ones. Walk through any mall and you will see half the guy in there wearing them. The other shoes on this list don’t have that level of popularity and can give your appearance a more unique look at a lower price

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