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Tapered Denim

When you think about jeans you probably think stretch jeans, skinny jeans and distressed jeans. Obviously that is the trend right now so that is what most companies are making. I have tried a few pair of skinny jeans. I am 6’1 and I wear a size 14 shoes. Wearing skinny jeans was not only uncomfortable, but I am pretty sure it made my feet look bigger.

I have tried some stretch jeans that are supposed to be roomier, but they felt just as tight as skinny jeans. Once a guy hit on me at the bookstore I knew those tight jeans weren’t for me.

Since I backed away from skinny jeans I have been on the hunt for jeans that are 100% cotton jeans that are tapered and have a 13 inch leg opening. Check out the list below for a few companies I have found. Keep in mind that your leg opening might be a bit bigger if you have a larger waist than I do, my waist is 32-33.

American Eagle

At this time they have one pair of tapered 100% cotton jeans on their website. They are a raw pair of dark blue jeans with a 13.5 inch tapered leg. They are priced at $69.95, but they go on sale once an a while so you can probably get them for less.

>>Visit American Eagle<<

Enslaved Clothing

I found Enslaved Clothing through a Google search. They had the 3 things I was looking for in my jeans tapered lean, 13 inch leg opening and 100% cotton. I bought a couple of items from them. The shipping was fast and the quality was good.

I plan to purchase from this company again in the future. I am not a fan of distressed jeans, so I hope they add more regular jeans to their collection as they only have about 20-25 styles of denim. If you purchase from the company note that the jeans don’t have any patches or logo on them.

Check out the photos below to see my Enslaved Clothing purchases.

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I found out about this company via a YouTube video. I checked them out and saw they had some 100% cotton jeans with tapered legs and 13 to 13.5 inch leg openings, this is their S Denim style.

S125 Denim

They also have 100% cotton jeans with zippers at the bottom, this is their M Denim style.

M59 Zipper Denim

I order a one pair of S Denim and one pair of M Denim. I ordered both in a size 32, unfortunately both pairs were too small so I returned them. I may buy from them again in the future. Since I had made some purchased from enslaved Clothing at the same time as I bought from MNML I wasn’t any a big need to make an exchange for bigger sizes.

This company also sells stretch denim and distressed denim so you can get a nice variety of items if you buy from them.

>>Visit MNML<<

Lee Jeans

I found a few pair of 100% cotton jeans on their website. Both are quite expensive at $98. Both pairs have tapered legs and are made with 100% cotton. One of them has a 13 inch leg opening. The other has and unbelievably small 11 3/4 leg opening.

I had a pair of jeans tapered to a 12 inch leg opening and could hardly get my foot in them. Unless you like struggling to get your pants on and off I would avoid buying jeans with a leg opening that tiny. Below are picture of the two pairs of tapered jeans they offer.

Lee X Slim Tapered Jeans
Lee X Smily Skinny Leg Jean

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