The Entire Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collection

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Originally announced on December 25th, The Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection will start releasing in August with the “Son Goku” Adidas ZX 500 RM and the “Frieza” Adidas Yung 1. September will feature “Son Gohan” and Cell from the “Cell and the Androids Saga” with the new adidas Deerupt and the Prophere. It continues in November with Vegeta and Majin Buu from the “Majin Buu Saga” represented by the Ultra Tech and the Kamanda. The collection concludes in December with Shenlong and Super Shenlong and the upcoming EQT Mid ADV. We would guess December is based on “The Secret of the Dragon Balls.”

The entire selection of footwear highlights adidas’ newer footwear models that are set to debut throughout 2018. The obvious lack of BOOST footwear models might be alarming, but adidas is attempting to bring energy around fresh silhouettes in an effort to broaden consumer interest beyond the predictable NMD route. There are rumors that characters Mr. Popo, Yajirobe, Tenshinhan and Mr. Satan will also be getting their own silhouette, which suggests that the adidas Dragon Ball Z collection may extend beyond the eight shoes seen here.

adidas dragon ball z

See all eight adidas Dragon Ball Z shoes below and stay tuned for the latest updates regarding this major Fall 2018 collaboration.

adidas X Dragon Ball Z 

Frieza / Freeza Saga

Nearly all of the Frieza Saga takes place on the planet Namek. The main plot is the long-awaited battle between Goku and Frieza, with Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta taking on the tyrant first with little success.

Son Goku

The Son Goku will have the new “adidas ZX 500 RM” design. The boost technology is one of the most obvious inclusions with the ZX 500 RM, and the orange/blue colorway is paired with other tan/white colors.

dragon ball z adidas son goku
Son Goku adidas ZX 500 RM
adidas dragon ball z
Son Goku adidas ZX 500 RM

Where to Buy: Adidas  EBay Stockx  Price:$150

Freeza / Frieza

The adidas Frieza will have the new “Yung 1” design. With a similar design to the Yeezy 500, this should be a top sneaker within this collaboration. The colorway follows the same Frieza colorway that is in Dragon Ball Z.

dragon ball z adidas frieza
Frieza – adidas Yung 1 – August 2018
adidas dragon ball z
Frieza – adidas Yung 1 – August 2018

Where to Buy: Adidas  EBay Stockx  Price:$150


The plot of the Androids Saga is closely tied to that of Dragon Ball, the anime series that preceded Dragon Ball Z: an organization known as the Red Ribbon Army seeks to obtain the Dragon Balls. The main hero of the series, Goku, is still a child in Dragon Ball and embarks upon a quest to find the Dragon Balls himself.


Son Gohan

Deerupt is disruptively simple proof that minimalism can be bold. These lightweight sneakers put an innovative spin on adidas running heritage of the ‘80s. The ultra-flexible mesh upper of these men’s shoes is covered in a layer of stretch grid webbing. A web-wrapped EVA midsole echoes the geometric look.

The purple colorway in the adidas Son Gohan tends to be the favorite choice of many. Look familiar to many of you? This has the same exact design as the Adidas x Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Sneaker.

Adidas deeruption uses black as the base color, with white stripes on the upper part of the shoe, and the electric effects that surround the body as it Saiyan. A purple diamond-shaped Mesh covering the upper and middle soles of the black shoes restored the purple dress of Goku, while the yellow embellishment came from Saiyan blond hair.

Adidas son gohan

Dragon Ball Z x adidas Deerupt “Son Gohan”- Release Date: Oct 27 2018

Where to Buy: Adidas  EBay Stockx  Price:$150


A futuristic sneaker that tests the limits and launches the next era of streetwear. Bold, aggressive, and unlike anything that has come before. Constructed with innovative design and an instantly recognizable midsole. Finished and enhanced by raw edge details. The synthetic suede 3-Stripes fuel the strong adidas identity. The adidas Prophere matches the “Cell” character perfectly. Adidas Prophere “Cell, ” uses a dark green + grass-and-green Primeknit to weave the shoes to the point where the Saru’s trademark weird skin is displayed, the line of the shoe, the tongue and the heel part are reminiscent of the ominous purple color on the demon creature’s body.

adidas cell dragon ball z

Cell – adidas Prophere – Release Date: Oct 27 2018

Where to Buy: Adidas  EBay Stockx   Price:$150


This shoe will most likely be a fan favorite because Vegeta is often viewed as a badass character in the Dragon Ball Z series. Although it isn’t the best of the adidas Dragon Ball Z designs, the adidas Oregon Ultra Tech does a good job detailing every colorway that belongs to Vegeta.

adidas vegeta dragon ball z

Vegeta – adidas Oregon Ultra Tech – Release Date: November 24 2018

Where to Buy: Adidas  EBay Stockx

Majin Buu

Italian sportswear label, C.P. Company, has teamed up with the Three Stripes to put a luxurious spin on the brand new adidas Kamanda silhouette. Fully adorned in red, brand founder Massimo Osti added unique fabrics and bright colors with a combination of space-age materials – combining together for this truly unique aesthetic. All of us at StyleStreet believe this type of design fits in perfectly with the Majin Buu character.

adidas majin buu dragon ball z

Majin Buu – adidas Kamanda – Release Date: November 24 2018

Where to Buy: Adidas  EBay Stockx

The Secret of the Dragon Balls

The Secret of the Dragon Balls (“Bulma and Son Goku”) is the first episode of Dragon Ball and the first episode of the Emperor Pilaf Saga. It is also the first episode in the Dragon Ball anime tetralogy. This episode introduces Goku and Bulma, two key characters.


A sock-like adidas Primeknit upper shows off premium nubuck details on the medial side and top lace loops. The embroidered heel cage echoes the original running shoe. Webbing tape 3-Stripes on the side and integrated 3-Stripes on the molded midsole flash adidas pride. One of the cleanest shoes in this collaboration is the Shenlong. From the colorway, to the design, it just looks so natural.

adidas shenlong dragon ball z

Shenlong/Shenron – adidas EQT ADV Mid – Release Date: December 2018

Where to Buy: Adidas  eBay  Stockx

Super Shenlong

The super Shenlong follows up the release of the Shenlong. Both of these shoes will probably be the two most sought after pairs. With the super Shenlong having the highest resale value. The black and tan colorway is the cleanest design available, can’t forget to mention that this shoe will go with many streetwear styles.

adidas super shenlong dragon ball z

Super Shenlong/Shenron – adidas EQT ADV Mid –Release Date: December 2018

Where to Buy: Adidas  eBay  Stockx

Final Thoughts

That concludes the Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection, which shoe will you be trying to grab? Remember this release is extremely limited so be prepared to pay an outrageous resale price if you aren’t lucky the first time.

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