5 Smart Tips To Hassle Free Online Shopping

by StyleStreet


If you are into fashion, it is easy to drift to all the clothing websites you love various times throughout the day. You probably bookmark item after item with plans to make a purchase someday. It is understandable that you want to acquire everything you desire, but it is better to shop with a high level of self control. That means having a budget.

You should have a number written down as your monthly clothing budget and you should not exceed that budget. Having a budget in place not only helps control spending, but it makes you a better bargain hunter.

Without a budget it is easy to spend $200 on a pair of shoes. With a budget in place you are likely to take a step back and find a way to spread that money out on multiple items.


A list goes right along with a budget. It allows you to focus on your needs rather than making impulse purchases.

The best way to make a list is to go through you closet item by item. Do you have some shirts you can’t wear because you don’t have jeans that go with them? Do you have some jeans with no shirts to match? Do you have dress shoes, but no dress socks?

As you write down what is missing, make sure to segment your list into categories and circle the top 5-10 things you need. Make sure these are things you can wear in the next 30 days. Last thing you want to do is waste your April budget on jeans and sweaters when Summer weather is around the corner.

Accounts with shipping companies

People steal packages. It is rare, especially when you consider the amount of packages delivered each day, but it happens.

Having accounts with UPS.com, USPS.gov and Fedex.com allows you to hold your packages so you can pick them up for a small fee. You can also provide delivery instructions asking the carrier to leave the package at the back door or with a neighbor. However it is still up to the carrier to follow your suggestion.

You could also get a UPS mailbox or a USPS PO Box if you think it is worth the money.

Measuring Tape

Have measuring tape handy so you can always get the right size. Last thing you want is to wait a week for something to come only to have to send it right back.

Remember just because every shirt in your closet is a large doesn’t mean that a new shirt you are looking at will fit the same. It could run large or it could run small. Measuring yourself and checking the size charts will let you know if you should size up or down.

At one point last year I bought a boot in my normal size 14, it was too big. Next I bought a 13, it was too big. Next I tried a 12, it was too small. It was a big hassle as I had to return all three.

In some cases if a product runs big or small you should probably avoid the hassle and focus on stuff that is sized correctly.

Have a tailor

When it comes to jeans I hit the tailor a lot. A lot of denim companies only sell skinny jeans, ripped jeans and jeans with gigantic leg openings which I am not a fan of.

What I do is look for jeans that are 100% cotton with a 13 in tapered leg which most companies do not make. If I am unable to find any that match those specifications, I look for 100% cotton straight leg jeans that I can have tapered to a 13 inch leg opening.

Since 100% cotton jeans are not as popular these days it is very easy to find them for $20 or $30.

This saves me a lot of hassle because I don’t have jump from website to look for the perfect denim, I can get imperfect denim and customize them.


Don’t let your passion for fashion get out of hand. Take control by budgeting and making lists. Make sure to plan ahead by knowing your measurements and if you can be home for the package delivery.

Also remember, things don’t have to be perfect when you buy them, if you have a tailor you can have your items customized to your specifications.

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