5 Grooming Rituals Every Man Should Do Daily

by StyleStreet

What we wear is important, not only for our confidence, but also for how other perceive us. However, feeling good and looking good isn’t just about what you put on in the morning. It is also about your grooming and hygiene. No matter how expensive your clothes are or how great they look on you, smelling bad or looking unkempt will negate it. Below are several things you should do every single day to make sure you are always looking and feeling neat and clean.

Trim your nose hairs- Every man should own an electric nose hair trimmer and keep it in the bathroom, out in the open, so that they remember to use it daily. Nose hairs grow pretty fast and it only takes a week or two for them to come sprouting out of your nose for everyone to see.

30 seconds to a minute each nostril everyday should be enough to keep your nose hairs in control.

Brush or scrape your tongue- Brushing and flossing daily is a habit that most people have had since childhood. It is something you usually don’t forget. Tongue scraping is probably something you did not grow up doing but you need to add it to your daily routine. It will help keep your breath much fresher.

To make tongue scraping or brushing a habit you have to keep your tongue brush or tongue scraper out in the open so you remember to use it daily. I suggest getting a stainless steel tongue scraper from amazon. You can also try these tongue brushes.

Clean your fingernails– Dirt gets under your nails pretty easily and it is so hard to ignore because most people are not paying too much attention to their nails. Before I made cleaning my fingernails a daily habit I recall being out on several occasions well dressed, smelling good, with a fresh haircut only to realize my nails looked like I was digging in my butt all night.

Keep your fingernail clipper in a visible location to make sure you use it everyday. If you are struggling to get the dirt out using a fingernail clipper by itself, try using it underneath running water. If that doesn’t help you might have to invest in a fingernail cleaning kit.

Moisturize your hands throughout the day- All the hard work we do and constantly washing our hands can severely dry out our hands. Women don’t have this problem as much, because they carry purses and are used to having lotion on them so they can moisturize their hands throughout the day. Men put lotion on in the morning and that is usually it.

It is usually best to apply some moisturizer after washing your hands, but if that is too much of a hassle try doing it as much as you can throughout the day. You can do this by carrying a small container of lotion and vaseline with you. Put it in your car or in your locker at work so that you remember to use it thorough the day.

When night time rolls around I suggest putting lotion or vaseline on allow with some cotton gloves like these found on Amazon. They will keep your hands from drying out overnight. If you have severely dry hands try using Working Hands instead of lotion or vaseline.

After a few weeks you should see your hands are noticeably softer. It may not seem manly, but I am sure the women you lay next to at night will appreciate having big soft hands rubbing on their body rather than feeling like they are with a reptile.

Moisturize your feet- If is very easy to skip moisturizing your feet because no one will be seeing them. This is a bad habit to have because as days or weeks past your feet will because severely hard and dry and you will have to work hard to get them moist and soft again. The best alternative is to moisturize them daily even if you know that no one will be seeing them.

Much like your hands you can purchase moisturizing socks to wear at night so that you can moisturize your feet and wear the booties to keep the moisture in. This is a great way to get your feet looking and feeling much softer.

Moisturize your face- Most men wash their face with soap and water and in most case just water. On top of that men will have shampoo and conditioner running down your face several times a week and the sun in their face most days. All of these thing are drying your face out.

I think all men need to invest time into finding a good skincare kit that they can use daily to clean their pores and moisturize their face. This is something most men don’t consider masculine, but it is smart if you want to combat the effects of the dryness, sun and aging. I suggest visiting Amazon and search for men’s skincare kit. Look at some of the highest rated products and read their reviews before buying.

Summary- The best way to implement the suggestions above is to make a morning routine checklist and keep it by your bed so you can grab it in the morning. Another good thing you can do is to keep all the items you need out in the open.

After 30-60 days of doing these things daily they will be habits and you will no longer need the checklist or to keep things out in the open.

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