24 Best Nike Shoes in 90’s Era

by StyleStreet

Nike Air Command Force (1991)

Model: Nike Air Command Force | Style: White/Black/Grey/Turquoise

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A pair of sneakers with an obvious look of boxing boots, not basketball shoes, for sure. It’s the model of David “The Admiral” Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs, and one with a strong cultural impact, since it was featured in the classic basketball themed movie “White Men Can’t Jump” starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.

Nike Air Force 180 (1992)

Model: Nike Air Force 180 | Style: White/Navy Blue/Gym Red

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This model was worn by a bunch of players; though it’s recognized as the one “Sir” Charles Barkley wore during the 1992 Olympics as a member of the Dream Team. A visible Air 180 unit and a Velcro strap made such a pair iconic.

Nike Flight Huarache (1992)

Model: Flight Huarache | Style: White/Black/Lyon Blue/Bold Berry

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A year after the release of the classic Huarache trainer, Nike decided it was time to incorporate the Huarache look in the basketball collection. The Flight Huarache is the ancestor of the modern 2K Huarache series released in early-00s, and a model preferred by a bunch of players, like Chris Webber for instance, and the rest of the “Fab Five” from Michigan University coming as rookies in the NBA.

Nike Air Maestro II (1993)

Model: Nike Air Maestro II | Style: True Red/Black/White

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This used to be one of Scottie Pippen’s first Nike signature sneakers, with the classic suede material and vibrant Chicago Bulls colorway becoming a fan favorite.

The overall look wasn’t really changed if compared to the original Air Maestro, with the Huarache-like hints on the shoe design being quite obvious. This model was worn by Pippen for the first time in the 1994 NBA All-Star Game.

Nike Air Darwin (1994)

Model: Nike Air Darwin | Style: White/Black

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This is one of Dennis Rodman’s shoes, the one he wore during his brief run with the San Antonio Spurs in the mid-90s. Also, the model was one of the first with a reversed Swoosh.

Nike Air Way Up (1995)

Model: Nike Air Way Up | Style: Black/White

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A very popular release of the mid-90s, the Air Way Up was worn by a dozen of players in the league, including members from the Chicago Bulls squad, like Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Dennis Rodman, Jud Buechler, Steve Kerr, and others.

Nike Air Max Penny (1995)

Model: Nike Air Max Penny | Style: Black/White/Royal Blue

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This one, almost identical to the Air Way Up model, was the first official signature pair of shoes of Anfernee Hardaway of the Orlando Magic. It’s no lie he was one of the best guards in the mid-90s, thus Nike soon enough released a signature line for Penny, and promoted the sneakers through various commercials with him and his alter ego puppet “Lil-Penny”.

Nike Zoom Flight 95 (1995)

Model: Nike Zoom Flight 95 | Style: White/Black/Grey

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Nike Zoom Flight ‘95 is a part of the Zoom Flight Basketball shoes family. It’s the first model of the series, one with quite a futuristic style as the 90s fashion dictated. Its feature of the side bubble panels gave it the nickname “Bug Eyes”. Materials like synthetic leather and carbon fiber were used for the construction of the shoes.

Nike Air More Uptempo (1995)

Model: Nike Air More Uptempo | Style: Black/White

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The model, recognized as the Chicago Bulls star, Scottie Pippen’s first signature sneaker, was inspired by urban wall graffitis, hence the big and fat “Air” on the sides.

It was truly one of Nike’s best sold-out sneakers in the mid-90s, due to the fact its design was fresh, and because it was connected with the 72-10 run of the Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 regular season. Nike also created a USA colorway for Pip, member of the Dream Team II, during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, United States.

Nike CB 34 (1995)

Model: Nike CB34 | Style: Black/White/Varsity Purple

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The model was made by Nike exclusively for the Phoenix Suns star, Charles Barkley.

He was one of the league’s best rebounders and blockers in the power forward position despite his relatively short, yet heavy, stature.

The company aired a commercial showing Chuck battling the mythical monster Godzilla.

Nike Zoom Flight 96 (1996)

Model: Nike Zoom Flight | Style: Black/White

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Penny Hardaway of the Orlando Magic and Jason Kidd of the Phoenix Suns once donned the second model of the Zoom Flight series, the ‘96, which had a somewhat more conservative look compared to its predecessor, but still it was one of the greats for its time.

Nike Air Max Penny II (1996)

Model: Nike Air Max Penny II | Style: Black/White/Royal Blue/Metallic Silver

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This one is the second signature pair of Penny Hardaway, with his iconic logo on the side, a visible Air unit, and traditional Magic colorway.

Nike Zoom Flight Five (1996)

Model: Nike Zoom Flight Five | Style: Black/White/Blue

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This is easily recognizable as Jason Kidd’s signature pair of sneakers; one of the favorites of the mid-90s, again for its futuristic style like the Zoom Flight 95 model, and the only one of the series to become available for people to customize via Nike ID a decade later. The fancy iridescent “bubble” on the outer side and the bumpy turf-like outsole is the signature of this iconic pair.

Nike Air Pippen (1996)

Model: Air Pippen | Style: Black/White/Varsity Red

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This one is the official first signature sneaker created by Nike for Scottie Pippen. Its design with the visible airbag and the wavy lines across the shoe gives a modern twist to such an elegant design. Details like his nickname “Pip” and his number “33” are a nice touch.

Nike Air Pippen II (1997)

Model: Air Pippen II | Style: White/Varsity Red

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Again, Nike designed one of the best sneakers of the late-90s, with Air Pippen II stealing the show amongst sneaker fans. It’s the most iconic of the Air Pippen lineup, because it’s the last season Pippen and Jordan were teammates, when the Bulls won the 6th NBA Championship against the Jazz in 1998. This time Nike decided a minimalistic approach to the design of Pip’s second signature model.

Nike ShakeNDestrukt (1996)

Model: Nike ShakeNDestrukt | Style: White/Black/Varsity Red

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A pair of shoes so infamous, as his wearer – “as bad as he wanna be” – Dennis Rodman was, a.k.a. “The Worm”. The style of the sneaker fits just fine to Dennis’ aggressive and explosive nature for sure. It’s actually the first signature made for him by Nike during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls, although the next year started wearing his also infamous signature pair, Converse All-Star Rodman.

Nike Air Bakin’ (1997)

Model: Nike Air Bakin | Style: Black/Fire Red/Orange/Metallic Silver

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One of Nike’s model with a controversial legacy, because of the logo at the heel section; people claimed it was some form of Arabic script about Allah.

Nike Air Super CB (1997)

Model: Nike Air Super CB | Style: White/Navy Blue/Gym Red

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Nike didn’t stop creating sneakers for the best players in the league, and such was the case for Charles Barkley who signed up with the somewhat mediocre Houston Rockets, despite the awesome roster of stars like himself, Clyde Drexler, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

Nike Foamposite I (1997)

Model: Nike Foamposite 1 | Style: Black/Neon Royal Blue

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The model recognized as Penny Hardaway’s signature sneaker, is notorious for the revolutionary design of the quite heavy and hard – yet durable – outer shell material, the Foamposite, combined with a carbon fiber shank and clear rubber outsole.

It was also one of the most expensive basketball shoes of the mid ‘90s.

Nike Foamposite Pro (1997)

Model: Nike Foamposite Pro | Style: White/Black

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This one is a variant model of the original Foamposite, also very expensive, but with slight differences on the design, like the emblematic Nike logo on the side.

Nike Air Total Max Uptempo (1997)

Model: Nike Air Total Max Uptempo | Style: Matte Silver/Black/Metallic Silver/Purple

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One of the best Air Max basketball shoes Nike produced in the late-90s – a model worn by a dozen of NBA players, but known the pair of the legendary three-point shooter, Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers – with the characteristic silver colorway becoming an instant classic.

Nike Zoom Flight 98 (1998)

Model: Nike Zoom Flight 98 | Style: Black/White

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Nike didn’t release a Zoom Flight model in 1997, but instead waited for one year for the next model, the Zoom Flight 98.

This one is almost exclusively associated with Gary Payton, hence the nickname “The Glove”, which was GP’s nickname, who was notorious for his tight defense, being one of the best defenders in the league.

Also, the snug fit of the shoes, which only featured a zipper and no laces, really justifies the use of such nickname.

Nike Zoom T-Bug Flight (1998)

Model: Nike Zoom T-Bug Flight | Style: Black/White/Fire Red

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A pair of shoes designed for Miami Heat Tim Hardaway’s playmaker skills and needs, combining laces and zipper, with a relatively traditional look. T-Bug, of course, is a nickname related to Tim’s small bodyframe.

Nike Flightposite I (1999)

Model: Nike Flightposite I Style: Black/Metallic Silver

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A model similar to the Foamposites, due to the fact both series share a tough outer shell as a common characteristic.

Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs and Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who as rivals were both a force to be reckoned with in the power forward position, rocked a pair of these Flightposites on the deck.

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